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This post marks the first anniversary of the unofficial photoblog santo1611tomas, three days before the New Year’s Day. The photoblog was later on renamed vivasantotomas, got after ”Viva Santo Tomas”, the title of one of the most notable UST cheers.

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Throughout the year, over 3000 images have been submitted to us. A number of best and stunning photographs of the University stood out. Here are 26 of the most eminent photos of 2010, and to every part of the first year of vivasantotomas as well:


Rainbow by parq17January 25

365 Days by imaheJanuary 28


Puffy Lion visits UST by mellamojulioFebruary 23

Whisper by litratonijuanFebruary 25


Candlelight by pacific18March 21

Champion by axizvillxMarch 29


You and I by thingsaboutuApril 15

The Yellow Leaf by byrone02April 23


Reminder of our Fidelity by photogra-freakMay 22

Golden Treasure by chriztiandeleonMay 28


Initiation by chriztiandeleonJune 26

White March by chriztiandeleonJune 28


Branch of P-PO-POWER by litratonijuanJuly 6

Europe by justkeeplaughingJuly 31


Blue Sky by alittlemoreactionAugust 13

Reflection by rennellsalumbreAugust 27


We’re Back by marbelousSeptember 13

Dramatic Accent by chriztiandeleonSeptember 18


Bright Night Lights by rennellsalumbreOctober 1

Villain by dothebeyuhwayOctober 28


Darkness Within by ramredNovember 15

Underneath Grey Heavens by iamprincessdawnNovember 24


21.5 Hectares by parq17December 17

Seventy-five Thousand by hippiedopeDecember 18

Golden Building by joooieDecember 18

Thanksgiving by parq17December 20

As this year draws to its end, we thank everyone who makes a genuine effort to share and submit their work. We apologize to some whose submission has been rejected (Bleh!). May we also express our gratitude to everyone who follows this Tumblog. Over 6,300 followers, ah? Not bad. (“,)

We wish everybody the best of holidays and a happy new year 2011!

Oh wait, it’s almost a month before the Quadricentennial celebration of our beloved Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas!

Viva Santo Tomas!

All images are automatically protected by copyright. If you're going to reblog this post, PLEASE DO NOT edit and delete ANY part of its content.
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December 29, 2010 at 12:12 am

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